G Varnish

Laminated sheets

We offer laminated cardboard sheets that can be converted and used for various applications. The carton suitable for food can be obtained in different embodiments. First, you have the choice between a laminated cardboard on the basis of recycled cartons or Virgin cartons. Basically, our sheets are in Gold, Silver or Black and different colors, if your customer wants a better brand image, this can also be endowed with an attractive impression. Besides this, versions without metal are also possible. We produce laminated cardboard from 80 g / m² up to 1000 g / m², the maximum size of the sheets is 1200 mm (width) x 1420 mm (length), on request it’s possible to change the size of the sheets stratified cartons, these are treated which means that they do not absorb humidity. Our cartons are ideal for vacuum packaging as well as MAP packaging.